Skin Trainer

Train your skin

Train your skin to stay in shape at any age with Skin Trainer by KIKO MILANO. A range of products designed to hydrate the skin and combat signs of ageing with a comprehensive skincare routine.

-Formulas enriched with hydrating and antioxidant ingredients

-Skin is hydrated* and revitalised

-Conceals signs of ageing*

-Gives the complexion an even, smooth and radiant appearance


Joining the range are two masks: the Skin Trainer Hyaluron Lip Mask for lip pampering and the Skin Trainer Hyaluron Face Mask for face brightening. Try them now!

And don't miss out on our wonderful new skin training tool: the Face Massage Roller is a must-have for maximising the benefits of your skincare treatments.

*Clinical and instrumental tests conducted on a selection of products. More details and information available on the product sheets.

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