Get The Cool Colour Look


• Prepare your face for make-up by applying theHydrating & Perfecting Face Base.
• Choose the shade of Instamoisture Foundation that best suits your skin tone to even out the complexion.
• Camouflage imperfections by dabbing on and thoroughly blending out the shade of Skin Tone Concealer that best suits your skin tone.
• Apply and blend the Unlimited Blush 06 to emphasise the lower part of your cheekbones.


• First of all, apply the Neutral Eye Base to the eyelids.
• Apply the Cool Colour Stick Eyeshadow 07 Metallic Silver Sky to the upper eyelid, drawing a butterfly wing that points towards the temples. Use the Eye Brush 51 first, then the 62 for an impeccably precise result. Next, use the Cool Colour Stick Eyeshadow 09 Matte Navy Blue to intensify and add finishing touches to the outer edges of the wing you drew before. Blend gently inwards to reduce the contrast between the two shades of the eyeshadow.
• Enhance your eyelashes with the New Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara.


• Apply the Gossamer Emotion Lipstick 103 to complete your super cool make-up look.